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Rebbetin Riddle Says...

Follow the Leaders!
  The Prophet Who Could Resurrect The Dead! 

Once a certain Kohen Gadol (High Priest) left the Holy Temple to go home. Thousands of people gathered around to escort him. Instead of feeling humble because of this honor, the Kohen Gadol felt that it was due to him because of his noble ancestry.

Suddenly, the people saw Shemaya and Avtalyon. Although they were the descendants of converts, everyone knew that they were the leading sages in Israel. Immediately, the people left the Kohen Gadol and began escorting the two great Torah scholars!

As they neared their home, Shemaya and Avtalyon approached the Kohen Gadol to take their leave from him. The Kohen Gadol looked at them haughtily and said, "May the sons of gentiles go in peace!"

They replied, "The sons of gentiles who emulate Aharon, the first Kohen Gadol, shall go in peace. However, the sons of Aharon who do not follow in his ways shall not go in peace!"

Our sages taught that there are three crowns: the crown of Priesthood, the crown of Kingship, and the Crown of Torah. To be a Kohen (priest), one must be a descendant of Aharon. To be an Israelite king, one must be a descendant of King David. But the crown of Torah is available to everyone, regardless of family background. All it takes to earn it is dedication to G-d - and hard work!

  The Prophet Who Could Resurrect The Dead! 

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