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Rebbetin Riddle Says...

The Prophet Who Could Resurrect The Dead!
  The Empire Strikes Out!Follow the Leaders!  

Many years ago, the prophet Elisha used to travel to different cities. One of those cities was called Shunam, where a wealthy woman lived. She said to Elisha, "I see that you are a holy man. I will prepare a room for you. Please stay whenever you are here." Elisha accepted the woman's generous offer. In return, he gave her and her husband a blessing for a child.

In time, Elisha's blessing was fulfilled. The infant grew to be a young boy. One day, he was in the field with his father, when he began to cry, "My head! My head!" His father took him to his mother, but she could not help, and the boy passed away. He was put Elisha's room. In desperation, the woman traveled to Elisha the prophet and begged him to help. Elisha gave his staff to his servant, Gehazi, and instructed him, "Place this staff over the child. I will follow." Gehazi did as he was told, but it did not help.

When Elisha finally came, he walked through the house praying to G-d. Then he lay down on top of the child and breathed into him. Within minutes, the young boy's color returned. He coughed seven times and sat up. In this way, Elisha the prophet revived someone who had passed away.

So may all our loved ones speedily join us once again, with the coming of Moshiach immediately!

  The Empire Strikes Out!Follow the Leaders!  

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