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Rebbetin Riddle Says...

The Empire Strikes Out!
  Wake Up, Yidden!The Prophet Who Could Resurrect The Dead!  

During the time of the Roman Empire, a young nobleman named Onkelos converted to Judaism.

The Roman Emperor felt that this was an insult, so he sent soldiers to arrest the young man. However, before they could seize him, Onkelos taught the men about the One G-d, and they converted to Judaism.

The Emperor sent a second troop of soldiers to capture Onkelos. As they were bringing him back to Rome, he asked, "Can I speak with you about something besides religion?" The soldiers agreed and listened to his words. Onkelos went from subject to subject, until finally he began to discuss the concept of One G-d. The second group of soldiers, too, became converts.

Furious, the Emperor sent a third group of soldiers. This time, he ordered them, "Do not talk with Onkelos at all!" They obeyed. As they were taking Onkelos out of his house, however, he touched the Mezuzah and smiled.

"Why are you smiling?" a guard asked.

Onkelos replied, "Usually a king stays inside his palace, and his guards stand outside. But the Mezuzah teaches us that G-d Himself stands outside guarding our homes, while we sit inside." The men were so impressed that they converted, too!

Finally, the Emperor gave up trying to arrest Onkelos. The Mezuzah on his front door had done its job!

  Wake Up, Yidden!The Prophet Who Could Resurrect The Dead!  

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