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Rebbetin Riddle Says...

A Tzaddik's Blessing!
  Making Up Is Easy To Do!Whom Should You Fear Most?  

Reb Dovid Lavut lived in the city of Rostov-on-the-Don in Russia. During World War I, the government drafted young men into the army. Poor Reb Dovid was one of those selected. Yet he was not fit to be a soldier. If he was taken into the army, he surely would be sent to the war zone, where he would be killed!

Reb Dovid's father asked the fifth Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Sholom DovBer, for a blessing to save his son. The Rebbe gave his blessing along with the following advice, "Your son loves to learn. He should stay inside your house and study Mishna. In the merit of his learning, G-d will surely protect him!" the Rebbe said.

Reb Dovid did as the Rebbe advised. Finally, the day arrived when the army's representatives came for him. "He's hiding, no doubt," said one of the officers. "We'll skip the house and look around the yard."

While Dovid sat immersed in learning, the men searched high and low. Finally, one man said to the other. "He obviously ran away. We'll have to look elsewhere!"

The Rebbe's blessing had come true.

  Making Up Is Easy To Do!Whom Should You Fear Most?  

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