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Rebbetin Riddle Says...

Playing the Game of Life!
  A Woman's Liberation!Making Up Is Easy To Do!  

One Chanukah night, Rabbi Nachum of Stefanesti walked into the study hall of his synagogue. There, he found several Chassidim sitting and playing checkers. Needless to say, the men were very embarrassed.

Rabbi Nachum looked at the men as if to say, "Couldn't you find something better to do?" Yet instead of condemning them, Rabbi Nachum asked, "Do you know the rules of the game?"

The Chassidim were shocked, but remained silent. "The Rebbe must have some sort of teaching in mind," the men thought to themselves. They were right.

"The rules of checkers are similar to the rules of the spiritual path," Rabbi Nachum explained. "You must move only forward, never backward. You must take only one step at a time. You must give up one in order to get two. And when you have reached the goal, you can go wherever you like!"

  A Woman's Liberation!Making Up Is Easy To Do!  

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