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Rebbetin Riddle Says...

A Woman's Liberation!
  Some Things Are Worth The Wait!Playing the Game of Life!  

During the Jewish revolt against the Syrian-Greeks, there lived a woman named Yehudis, the daughter of Yochanan the High Priest. Yehudis's city was surrounded by the armies of General Holophernes. Soon, there was very little water and food left. "What are we going to do?" the people asked.

"I have a plan," she replied. That night, she went to the enemy camp. "Take me to your general," she told the guard, "I have an important message." She told the general how he could conquer the city. He was thrilled. Later, she invited him to a dinner of wine and cheese. The general ate and drank so much that he fell asleep. Yehudis then took his sword - and cut off his head! Quickly, she gathered her things and returned to her city.

She then told Uziel, the captain of the Jewish forces, "Get ready to attack the Greeks. Their leader has fallen!"

"What do you mean?" Uziel asked. Yehudis opened her basket. There was the head of General Holophernes. When the Greek army saw that their general had been killed, they quickly fled. Yehudis saved the town!

  Some Things Are Worth The Wait!Playing the Game of Life!  

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