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Rebbetin Riddle Says...

For Every Action There is an Opposite Reaction!
  Practical Wisdom!Some Things Are Worth The Wait!  

Once two men bet each other 400 coins that they could make Hillel the Sage lose his temper. The next Friday afternoon, one of the men went to Hillel's house as he was bathing for Shabbos.

"Is Hillel there?" he yelled. Hillel dressed and went out. "What is it, my son?" "Why do Babylonians have round heads?" the man asked. "The people who deliver their babies are not skilled," Hillel replied. Satisfied, the man left. After giving Hillel enough time to resume, he came back and banged on the door.

"Hillel! I have another question!" he shouted. Again, the sage dressed and went out. "Ask, my son," he said. "Why do Palmyrians have slanted eyes?" "Good question!" said Hillel. "They live in a very sandy and windy country." Once more, the man left and returned.

"Hillel!" he cried. Hillel dressed a third time and went out. "Why do Ethiopians have wide feet?" the man asked. "You are very observant. They need them to walk in marshes," Hillel answered gently. "Do you have other questions?"

"Many!" the man said. "Are you the one called the Sage of Israel?" "Yes," Hillel replied modestly. "May there not be others like you!" the man exclaimed bitterly. "Your patience cost me 400 coins!"

Hillel smiled sympathetically. "It is better for you to lose 400 coins than for Hillel to lose his temper!"

  Practical Wisdom!Some Things Are Worth The Wait!  

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