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Rebbetin Riddle Says...

Meet Chol HaMoed!
  Thoughts Count, Too!There May Be Another Side To The Story!  

The Hebrew word "Chol" means weekday. The Hebrew word "Moed" means festival. The days between the beginning and end of Passover have both qualities. They are like weekdays because we may go to school, work (if necessary), drive and do many other tasks.

Yet these days are also like a holiday. For that reason, we do not wash laundry, take haircuts, paint our homes or do other jobs that we can put off until after Passover.

  • During Chol HaMoed, it's the custom to dress in our holiday clothes, have fancier meals, drink a little wine or grape juice every day, and take family trips for enjoyment. (Many people like to visit amusement parks, nature reserves, or places of historical interest.)

  • Ask your parents: what can we do together to make Chol HaMoed special?

  Thoughts Count, Too!There May Be Another Side To The Story!  

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