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Rebbetin Riddle Says...

Food for Thought!
  Do A Favor For Yourself!Thoughts Count, Too!  

  • There is a big difference between ordinary bread and Matzah. Both ordinary bread and Matzah are made out of flour and water, but bread has a chance to rise. Matzah is baked in less than 18 minutes. So it doesn't have a chance to rise.

  • Our sages say that a person's pride is like dough that has begun to rise. Even though a person may be very talented, very rich, or very smart, he should give G-d the credit. Because without G-d's blessings, he wouldn't have his talent, wealth, or wisdom.

    So before Passover, we try to get rid of pride, anger or other bad character traits. In this way, we not only destroy the chametz in our homes, but also the chametz in our hearts!

  Do A Favor For Yourself!Thoughts Count, Too!  

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