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Rebbetin Riddle Says...

Do A Favor For Yourself!
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Once the fifth Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Sholom DovBer asked his son Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak to do a certain favor for one of the Chassidim. Later, Yosef Yitzchak returned and told his father, "I did the favor for the person, just as you asked."

"Thank you," his father replied. "But don't forget: G-d is the One Who truly helped the man. You simply agreed to become G-d's Messenger."

The Rebbe then explained, "We find proof in the Megillah. Mordechai tells Esther, 'If you remain silent at this time (by not asking Achashverosh to save the Jews), then relief and deliverance will come from elsewhere, but you and your father's house shall perish!'

"In other words," the Rebbe went on, "if you don't do the mitzvah, G-d will find someone else - but you will have missed your opportunity."

  Gimme Five!Food for Thought!  

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