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Rebbetin Riddle Says...

And these are the names of the Children of Israel...
  Every Jew is a Jewel!Gimme Five!  

One time a Chasid visited Rabbi Sholom of Radomsk. In the course of conversation, he said, "On my way here, a friend asked me to request a blessing for a person who is ill, but I've forgotten the person's name and the name of his mother. No matter how hard I try, I can't remember them!"

"If I don't have the person's name and his mother's name, how can I give him a blessing?" Rabbi Sholom asked.

The Chasid was silent. Rabbi Shalom was silent, too. He gazed into a holy book on his desk, and then asked the Chasid, "Could the sick man's name be such and such?"

The Chasid was shocked. "Yes! That's his name!"

Rabbi Sholom went on, "And could his mother's name be so and so..."

"You're right!" the Chasid cried. "How did you know?"

Rabbi Sholom looked at the Chasid. "It's not such a big thing," he said. "The Torah states, 'And these are the names of the Children of Israel.' This teaches us that every Jewish person has a part in the Torah. That's where I found their names!"

  Every Jew is a Jewel!Gimme Five!  

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