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Rebbetin Riddle Says...

A Valuable Lesson!
  Say Little and Do Much!Watch your step!  

Many years ago, the Rabbis needed a precious jewel for the High Priest in the Holy Temple. They looked all around, but couldn't find one. Finally, they heard that Dama ben Netina of Ashkelon had the special kind of jewel. But when the Rabbis asked to buy it, Dama refused. He had hidden the jewel in a special safe and the key to the safe was under his father's pillow. And his father was sleeping!

"We'll give you 400,00 gold dinars!" one Rabbi declared. "I'm sorry," Dama replied. "We'll give you 500,000 gold dinars!" a second Rabbi offered. "No. I don't want to wake my father."

"We'll give you 600,000 gold dinars! That's our final offer!" a third Rabbi said.

Dama wouldn't budge. Sadly, the Rabbis went away. The next year, G-d rewarded Dama with a pure red heifer (cow). Like the precious jewel, the Rabbis needed one for the Holy Temple. When the Rabbis came, Dama was happy to sell the red heifer to them.

"I know that you would pay anything for this red heifer. But all I want is the same amount that you offered for the jewel!"

This teaches us that you'll never lose by doing a mitzvah - especially when it's honoring your parents!

  Say Little and Do Much!Watch your step!  

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