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Rebbetin Riddle Says...

The Power of Prayer
  Remember your blessings!Say Little and Do Much!  

Although the sick man visited one doctor after another, no one could help. In desperation, he traveled to the great sage Reb Mordechai of Neshchiz and asked for his advice.

"I suggest you consult the Master of Anipola," Reb Mordechai said. "I'm sure He can help!"

So the sick man hired a wagon and wagon driver. When he finally reached the little village of Anipola, the sick man asked for the Master of Anipola. "There's no doctor or master here!" the villagers replied.

Shocked and confused, the sick man traveled all the way back to Neshchiz, and told Reb Mordechai what happened. The great sage wasn't surprised. "With no doctor, how do you think the people get help?" he asked.

"They must ask G-d to heal them," the man replied. "That's the Master I was talking about!" Reb Mordechai said. "Ask Him, and He will help you, too."

The sick man followed Reb Mordechai's adviced. A short time later, he was cured.

Here's your chance to help a sick person:

Say a prayer for Chaya Bluma Pessia Hena bas Sora Shifra for a complete recovery.

  Remember your blessings!Say Little and Do Much!  

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