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Rebbetin Riddle Says...

A person can fool some people all of the time
  Light Makes RightRemember your blessings!  

A person can fool some people all of the time. He may even fool all the people some of the time. But you can never, ever, fool G-d!

Once a man gave Bar Telamion 100 dinars (coins) to hold for safekeeping. When the man asked for his money back, Bar Telamion said, "I already gave your money back to you!"

The man said, "Come to the synagogue and swear that you returned my money!"

Now Bar Telamion was very clever. What did he do? He took a cane, hollowed it out, and placed the 100 dinars inside. Then he used the cane like a walking stick. When he came to the synagogue he told the man, "Hold my cane while I take an oath." Then he said, "As G-d is my witness, I have given you what you deposited with me!"

G-d made the man so upset by this lie that he threw Bar Telamion's cane to the ground. Instantly, all the money spilled out. The man began collecting the coins. Bar Telamion said, "Take them, take them, for they are truly yours!"

  Light Makes RightRemember your blessings!  

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