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Rebbetin Riddle Says...

The Power of Happiness!
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Our Sages say "Simcha Poretz Geder," happiness breaks through all boundaries. This true story shows just how powerful the concept of happiness really is.

Once a Chasid had a son who was very ill. Although he hired the best doctors, and paid for the best medicines, his son did not get better. In fact, he seemed to get worse (G-d forbid). By the time the holiday of Simchas Torah came, the doctors had given up hope. The man asked the Lubavitcher Rebbe to bless his son so that he would get better. The Rebbe told the father, "It is Simchas Torah. You must be joyful!"

The man was shocked. He had asked the Rebbe for a blessing and instead, he was told to celebrate Simchas Torah with joy! Although he surely didn't feel happy, he was determined to follow the Rebbe's advice. That Simchas Torah, he danced and danced. He forced himself to be happy, and to make others happy. When the holiday ended, the Rebbe called the Chasid over and said, "By serving G-d with joy, you have broken all boundaries - and you have saved the life of your son!"

So it was. The boy made a miraculous recovery. Today, he has children and grandchildren!

  Chassidic Sukkah Decorations!Light Makes Right  

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