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Rebbetin Riddle Says...

Do You Know the 15 Parts of the Seder Meal?
  Do You Know the 10 Plagues?Lag B'Omer is Coming!  

KadeshWe make Kiddush over wine to honor the holiday.
UrchatzWe wash our hands with a special cup.
KarpasWe dip green vegetables, onions, or potatoes in salt water that represents the bitter tears of the Jews in slavery.
YachatzWe break the middle matzah into pieces to remind us of how poor we were.
MaggidWe read the Haggadah that tells the story of Passover.
RochtzaWe wash our hands before eating matzah.
MotziFirst, we make the blessing that we usually say over bread.
MatzahThen, we make a special blessing over the matzah and eat it.
MororWe eat bitter herbs to remind us of the bitterness of Egypt.
KorechWe make a sandwich of matzah and bitter herbs to remind us of the way Hillel the sage used to eat the Passover sacrifice.
Shulchan OrechWe eat a great meal!
TzafunWe eat the last piece of matzah, called the Afikoman to remind us of eating the Passover sacrifice in the Holy Temple.
BerachWe say the Grace After Meals.
HallelWe thank G-d for the miracles he performed in the past and will perform in the future.
NirtzahWe end the Seder with the wish that we meet in Jerusalem with Moshiach!

Rabbi Riddle's Kwazy Kwestions:
  1. Which burn longer, the candles we light in honor of Shabbat or holidays like Passover?
  1. Neither, they both burn shorter!

  Do You Know the 10 Plagues?Lag B'Omer is Coming!  

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