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Rebbetin Riddle Says...

A Healing Touch
  The Longer Shorter WayWelcome to the Big Ten!  

This Wednesday is the 10th day of the Hebrew month of Shvat. It marks the anniversary of the passing of Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok of Lubavitch zt"l. It also marks the day when his son-in-law, Rabbi M.M. Schneerson, first became Rebbe (leader). For over 44 years, the Lubavitcher Rebbe cared for every Jew as a father cares for his only child. Thousands of times his advice and blessings helped people become well. Here is one such story.

Many years ago, a little girl spilled hot water on herself. Sadly, the burns became infected and she fell very ill. The Chassidim asked the Rebbe what to do? "Hold a gathering where people can say Torah and give charity in her name." The Chassidim did so and slowly the little girl improved.

One day, her condition suddenly worsened. Everyone was shocked. The Chassidim called the Rebbe, who said, "Go to the hospital and make all the noise you can! Tell the doctors that something is wrong!"

It was unusual advice, but the Chassidim followed the Rebbe's instructions. They went to the hospital and began yelling at the nurses and doctors. As it happened, one nurse was leaving the hospital to go home. When she heard all the noise, she returned to the nurses' station to find the Chassidim yelling about the little girl.

"That's my patient!" she announced. "If you have any questions or complaints, tell me!" Then she looked at the little girl's chart. "Oh no! I gave her the wrong medicine!"

The doctors quickly changed her medications, and soon the little girl was all better!

  The Longer Shorter WayWelcome to the Big Ten!  

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