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Rebbetin Riddle Says...

The Longer Shorter Way
  Sunset, Sunrise!A Healing Touch  

Sometimes things do not go the way we want. But later we see that what happened was all for the best! So we should accept whatever G-d does for us, even if we don't understand it right away.

Many years ago, three businessmen were going home from a fair. It was raining, and the road was very muddy. The men wanted to cross the river while it was daylight, so they could get home. As they drove their wagon toward the river, they met the Belzer Rebbe and a group of his Chasidim. "We need help building our synagogue. It's such a big mitzvah! Won't you help us?" one of the Chasidim asked.

"We're really in a hurry," said the businessmen.

"I understand. But if you help us, the Belzer Rebbe will give you a blessing for success!"

The businessmen looked at each other. "Well, all right," they answered. "But only for a short time."

For the next few hours, the men cut, carried and stacked wood for the building. Two or three times, they tried to leave, but each time, the Belzer Rebbe talked them out of it. Finally, he let them go.

The men jumped into their wagon and set out for the river. By now the rain had stopped.

But it was almost dark. "If we hurry we can make it!" the man driving the wagon said.

Suddenly, a voice shouted, "Stop! Stop!"

From the river's bank, the businessmen could see someone running towards them.

"Don't go! The bridge was just washed away! A wagon like yours was on it, and now it's gone!"

The three businessmen stared at the stranger, then at each other.

"Somehow the Belzer Rebbe knew what was going to happen!" one said.

"We must go back and offer our thanks!" said another.

"I agree," said the third. "When we started working, we though we were helping him, but, really, he was helping us!"

  Sunset, Sunrise!A Healing Touch  

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