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Rebbetin Riddle Says...

Sunset, Sunrise!
  Hay is for Horses!The Longer Shorter Way  

Abba Tachana was known to be both very religious and very merciful. One time, he was hurrying home with food for Shabbos. Suddenly, he saw a sick man lying on the road. "Rebbe! Please take me into town!"

Abba Tachana thought, "If I leave my food here, we will have nothing to eat. And if I leave the man here, I will be at fault if his condition gets worse!" So he put the food down and carried the man into town. Then he hurried back for his things. By the time he returned home, it was almost sunset - time for Shabbos.

When people saw him, they asked, "Could this really be Abba Tachana, the one who is so religious?" Abba Tachana was afraid that he might violate the Shabbos. But miraculously, the sun began shining!

This showed everyone that when you have mercy on others, G-d has mercy on you!

  Hay is for Horses!The Longer Shorter Way  

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