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Volume 4, No. 18Welcome to the World of Rabbi Riddle.
Rabbi Riddle Says...
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G-d is Awesome! And Then Some!
  Blessed is the One Who Blesses!Don't Forget to Say "Thanks!"  
In the Torah portion of Shemos, Pharoah ordered the Jewish midwives to kill all infant boys. But they did not obey Pharoah because they feared G-d. Fear of G-d, Yiras Hashem, is one of the basic concepts in Judaism!

  • There are two levels of fear of G-d. The lower level is fear of Divine punishment. The higher level is the awe we feel before G-d's majesty and mystery.

  • Rabba bar Rabbi Huna said, "A man who knows Torah but does not fear G-d is like a treasurer who has the key to the inner vault, but not to the outside gate!"

  • Pirke Avos, Ethics of our Fathers, says, "Know what is above you: An Eye that sees. An Ear that hears. And all your deeds are written in a book!"

Rabbi Riddle's Kwazy Kwestions:
  1. King Solomon said, "The end of the matter is to fear G-d." What's the beginning?
  1. "The beginning of all wisdom is the fear of G-d!" King David, King Solomon's father, said it!

  Blessed is the One Who Blesses!Don't Forget to Say "Thanks!"  

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