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Volume 3, No. 17Welcome to the World of Rabbi Riddle.
Rabbi Riddle Says...
National Committee for Furtherance of Jewish Education

Do someone a Favor!
  It's a Wonder-Full Life!Good Shabbos!  
The Torah Sage Maimonides says that just one mitzvah could tip the scale of merit for the entire world and bring Moshiach (the Messiah). Mitzvos are commandments of the Torah and Rabbis. However, they are also acts of kindness and goodness that promote peace and well-being among people. Here are some mitzvos you can do that will certainly make the world a better place. Who knows! They could even tip the scale of merit and bring Moshiach!

  • Mitzvos include teaching children who know less about Judaism than you.

  • Sometimes it's even a mitzvah not to help!

  • It's also a mitzvah to help people any way we can.

Rabbi Riddle's Kwazy Kwestions:
  1. What should you always do before helping someone out?
  1. Help them come in!

  It's a Wonder-Full Life!Good Shabbos!  

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