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Volume 2, No. 21Welcome to the World of Rabbi Riddle.
Rabbi Riddle Says...
National Committee for Furtherance of Jewish Education

Don't Worry,Be Happy!
  Happy Purim!Get Ready for Lotsa Matzah  
We are in the month of Adar, one of the happiest months of the Jewish Calendar. This week, on Monday night and Tuesday we celebrated the holiday of Purim!

  • Purim comes from the word Pur, which means "lot."

  • Yom Kippur is called "Yom Kippurim" -- which means "a day like Purim!" What we can achieve on Yom Kippur by fasting, we can achieve on Purim by feasting!

  • G-d makes many kinds of miracles. Some miracles, like the splitting of the Red Sea, are very obvious. The miracle of Purim happened in a very hidden way. Yet our sages say that it was one of the biggest miracles of all.

  Happy Purim!Get Ready for Lotsa Matzah  

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