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Volume 2, No. 11Welcome to the World of Rabbi Riddle.
Rabbi Riddle Says...
National Committee for Furtherance of Jewish Education

Get Ready to Light Up!
  Get on the Winning Side!Flame On!  
Sunday night Dec. 13 through Monday Dec. 21!
There's more to lighting a Menorah than striking a match. Here are a few of the rules so you can do it right on each Chanukah Night!

Where:We place the Menorah near the door or window to publicize the miracle.
When:After dark. On Friday, light before 4:10 PM. On Saturday, light after 5:18 PM.
What:Candles made of paraffin, beeswax, or oil that burns with a clear light (olive oil is best).
How:We add a candle every night, moving from right to left. Light the new candle first, moving from left to right!

  • We may use candles made of wax or oil that burns with a clear light.

  Get on the Winning Side!Flame On!  

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