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Volume 1, No. 30Welcome to the World of Rabbi Riddle.
Rabbi Riddle Says...
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Give Peace A Chance
  Minhag Yisrael Torah He!Learning is Good!  
This week's Torah Portion is Naso. It describes the personal gifts that the leaders of the 12 tribes donated to the Holy Sanctuary. While all the leaders brought the same items, the Torah describes each gift in detail. One lesson we can learn is the value of every person. To avoid slighting anyone, the Torah repeats the same gifts 12 different times! In fact, our Sages say that G-d gave mankind the Torah to establish peace and harmony in the world!

  • Our Sages say, "Peace (Shalom) is priceless, for G-d's name is Shalom."

  • If we follow G-d's commandments, the Torah promises us:

  1. Rain in its season.

  2. Land that grows crops.

  3. Trees that grow fruit.

  4. Enough bread to eat.

The Torah then ends with peace in the land. This teaches us that peace is equal to all these blessings combined!

  Minhag Yisrael Torah He!Learning is Good!  

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