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Volume 1, No. 21Welcome to the World of Rabbi Riddle.
Rabbi Riddle Says...
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Mitzvah means "commandment." It's related to the word tzavsa, which means, "to connect." Whenever you do a Mitzvah, you attach yourself to G-d!
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Every day, Rabbi Meir woke up early and climbed a mountain, where he would immerse in a stream and then pray. Two thieves who lived in the village were curious. "Why does he climb that mountain every day? He must be hiding a treasure! Let's rob him." When they tried to follow Rabbi Meir, they slipped and fell on the rocks. Later, he found them lying on the ground, badly hurt. So he helped them home.

Back in town, they asked Rabbi Meir, "How were you able to climb the mountain when we couldn't?" Rabbi Meir replied, "When you're connected Above, you won't fall below!" The same is true when we perform Mitzvos. When we're connected Above, we won't fall below!

  Happy Purim!Get Ready for Lotsa Matzah  

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