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Volume 1, No. 2Welcome to the World of Rabbi Riddle.
Rabbi Riddle Says...
National Committee for Furtherance of Jewish Education

Gimme Shelter! Sukkot Is The Time When We Dwell In Booths!
  Yom Kippur is the time for the 3 R's!The End Is Near! And So Is The Beginning!  
When the Jewish people left Egypt, they lived in booths or sukkot. They didn't provide much protection, but HaShem did! Today, we also leave our warm homes for 7 days and live in simple huts. Like our Jewish ancestors, we learn to trust in HaShem and to recognize all the blessings we have.

  • We also hold a palm branch, myrtle, willow, and a citron (Esrog) together and make a blessing. These four species symbolize different types of Jews. The mitzvah teaches us the importance of Jewish unity!

Rabbi Riddle's Kwazy Kwestions:
  1. What do you do if you see a kidnapping in school?
  1. Wake him up!

  Yom Kippur is the time for the 3 R's!The End Is Near! And So Is The Beginning!  

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