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Rambam - Sefer HaMitzvos
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Positive Mitzvah 96

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Positive Mitzvah 96: Impurity of a Dead Animal
Leviticus 11:8 "And their carcasses you shall not touch"

Contact with the dead body of an animal that was not ritually slaughtered makes one impure.

In his latter years, the Rebbe would stand for hours every Sunday, as thousands of people, both Jew and non-Jew would stand in line to receive his blessing. The Rebbe would look each person intently straight in the eyes for an eternal moment, often smiling, sometimes answering a question or providing advice, always giving his blessing or answering "amen" to the person's own request. Each person received from the Rebbe's hand a dollar bill to be given to any worthy cause of their choice.

All agreed that the spectacle was entirely supernatural. As the line went on, the Rebbe became more and more vitalized, as though he himself was receiving life from these people. When, after many hours, the line would finally come to an end, the Rebbe would turn to his personal secretary and ask, "Is there no one else?"

It happened that an elderly woman waited in line, sitting upon a small chair which she moved ahead together with the line. When she finally arrived before the Rebbe, she could no longer contain herself and burst out, "Rebbe, I am younger than you...and I only sat...and you stand here and greet each person... and just look at you!"

The Rebbe beamed and replied, "When you're counting jewels you don't get tired."


They asked the Alter Rebbe:, "Which is greater: Love of G-d, or love of your fellow man?"

He answered, "Love of your fellow man, for then you are loving that which your Beloved loves."

From: Bringing Heaven Down to Earth by Tzvi Freeman -

  Day 217Day 219  

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