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Rambam - Sefer HaMitzvos
As Divided for The Daily Learning Schedule

Positive Mitzvah 63;
Negative Mitzvah 146;
Positive Mitzvah 64

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Introduction to Positive Mitzvot 63 - 67:

Sacrifices brought by Individuals

The sacrifices we offer bring us closer to HaShem (see Positive Mitzvah 39) and atone for our sins.

The Torah outlines certain categories of sacrifices.

Specific procedures and rules apply to each type of sacrifice.

Different sacrifices are called for, depending on our particular situations.

The Torah commands us to follow these instructions and present these sacrifices in the particular manner described.

When the Beit HaMikdash is rebuilt and we can bring the sacrifices again, we will be able to appreciate their lessons in a complete way.

Positive Mitzvah 63: Laws of the Burnt-offering
Leviticus 1:3 "If the offering be a burnt-offering"

We are commanded to follow the procedures and rules detailed in the Torah for presenting a burnt-offering.

Negative Mitzvah 146: We are forbidden to eat from the "Olah" (burnt-offering) sacrifice
Deuteronomy 12:17 "You may not eat within your gates...any vows which you vow"

One type of sacrifice is called an "Olah" which means "uplifted."

This sacrifice is totally burnt while upon the altar. Therefore, it is known as a burnt-offering).

This Negative Mitzvah forbids us from eating any meat of this sacrifice.

Positive Mitzvah 64: Laws of the Sin-offering
Leviticus 6:1 "This is the law of the sin-offering"

We are commanded to follow the procedures and rules detailed in the Torah for presenting a sin offering.

Firm confidence in G-d can perform miracles of healing. Nevertheless, you should still follow the instructions of the doctor. Not that it is the doctor or his medicine that heals -- it is the Healer of All Flesh who heals. But the doctor and the medicine provide a natural channel for the healing to occur, and this is the way G-d prefers His miracles to work -- through natural means.


Four things advised for healing:

  1. Find a good doctor and follow his instructions.

  2. Dispel any thoughts about illness. Think only healthy thoughts.

  3. Strengthen your confidence in the Healer of All Flesh, that He will heal you in whatever way He sees fit.

  4. Increase your study of the inner light of Torah.

From: Bringing Heaven Down to Earth by Tzvi Freeman -

  Day 158Day 160  

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